Emily Pickert. 

Calendar of Future Events: 

Nothing on the horizon. Check back later!

I'm an artist graduated from the University of Alabama 2017 with a degree in Nonprofit/Arts Management.​

I enjoy making all different kinds of art depending on my mood. My flavor of the week may be paper cutting, printmaking, drawing, painting, or any other medium I have yet to get my hands on and try. Though I'm still trying to figure out my style, I have found that I enjoy different things about each type. I like the messy, freeing feel of painting, the exactness of paper cutting, and the combination of both in printmaking. 

When I'm not making art, I like to read a good book (bonus if there's a hammock involved!), binge watch bad shows, spend time with close friends, and take pictures of my cat sitting in weird places. 

If you have an event coming up, a fundraiser, or are interested in a commission you can use the Contact page or email me at pickertpieces@gmail.com

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